Reconstruction of the building of regional significance "Filat the Krotkich commercial apartment building".

Start realisation date: Unspecified
Finish realisation date: Unspecified
Realisation place: г. Хабаровск, ул. Истомина
Investment projects
Physical Education and Sports
Ледовая арена "Вулкан" Ледовая арена "Вулкан"
Physical Education and Sports
"Neptune" swimming pool modernization "Neptune" swimming pool modernization
Physical Education and Sports
Universal sports complex in the Park "Severnyi" Universal sports complex in the Park "Severnyi"
Sector is not specifyed
Создание сети АГНКС Создание сети АГНКС
Polymer pipes production Polymer pipes production
Trading commerce
ТРЦ Горизонт ТРЦ Горизонт
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